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Faithful Caregivers Quality In-Home Care

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Giving Your Loved Ones the Best Personal Care and Support They Need

Give your loved ones the love and care they deserve with help from Faithful Caregivers Quality In-Home Care in South Lyon, MI. We provide caregiving and in-home care services for seniors who prefer to live out their remaining years in the comfort of their home. our trained caregivers are always here to help with your daily routine so you can have a day of less stress.

Organizational Beginnings 

We have a lot of experience taking care of seniors who are either sick or need companionship. Our owner, Sharyl, started as a caregiver in 2000. During that time, she cared for many people and experienced the demands of the industry. After the last married couple that she took care of passed away, she and her husband decided to start Faithful Caregivers Quality In-Home Care. 

Providing Companionship to Our Seniors

It is very important that we all remember that someday (God willing) we will be seniors citizens and I would like to think that we would all like to be treated with dignity and respect. Faithful Caregivers believes in going out of our way to help educate seniors and their families on any and all benefits that are available to them. We believe that knowledge is power and the more you know the more you will be able to help yourself and your loved ones.

Making a Difference One Life at a Time

Our mission is to provide your senior loved ones with the best quality in-home care services. We feel that it is not enough to just provide the physical care to you or your loved ones, although that is important, it is also just as important to take care of their mental stability and happiness because without this we have not truly fulfilled our obligations to you.

At Faithful Caregivers we strive to match you with not only the best qualified caregiver, but also a caregiver that will be a good personality fit for your loved as well. We understand that although a caregiver may be well equipped for you, they just may not be the right personality fit for you, so it is important that we understand the personality traits of you or your loved ones.

Compassionate and Understanding Caregivers

The staff of Faithful Caregivers Quality In-Home Care is able to feel and understand what seniors are going through emotionally. This way, we are able to properly take care of their physical ailments.